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24-hour repair service

utita support

From the individual mechanical component to the large-scale supply of approved spare parts. When it comes to accessories for our machine tools, “Utita Support” can meet any demand with fast turnaround times. Whether you are looking for information on new products or a sympathetic ear for your ideas and suggestions, our technicians and agents are on hand to help. 

At your side every step of the way! CNC Centri di Lavoro Srl is about more than just the design, manufacture and sale of NC lathes: Assistance is also a big part of what we do, with a 24-Hour Repair Service, ongoing support and Training Courses for practical, active learning.


For mechanical problems, software, electrical or hydraulic updates from qualified engineers with years of experience.

Prompt intervention

To restore operation in the event of a breakdown, with rapid, if not immediate, on-site and remote support to minimise downtime.


Ordinary and extraordinary.

Accident prevention

Upgrade service to meet current laws


Of the various components and refurbishment as new, implementations for the automation of new production processes, with modifications and general retrofitting at our premises.

Spare parts 

Sale of original technical auxiliaries


Of machines or their components

Training courses

After-sales training courses with maximum flexibility of attendance or support and variable duration depending on the objectives set. Theoretical and practical training on site or at our premises. Theoretical and practical training on site or at our premises.

Leasing practices

Advice on initiating[ ]procedures or technical appraisals